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Tele-Rehabilitation Services & Emergency Care Needs

These are unprecedented and challenging times for people all over the world.  It is particularly stressful for those vulnerable in our society including the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions.  The COVID-19 virus has challenged all aspects of our health care system including hospitals, rehab settings and private clinics.

At Propel Physiotherapy, we closed our clinics on Wednesday, March 18 to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and community.  Staff will continue to answer phone calls and to help answer all your questions and needs.  Remember that we are available by e-mail, Instagram, and Facebook as well!

In-Home Services for Emergency Care Needs

We will be offering in home treatment, on a case by case basis, to those determined to be an emergency.  We will be reviewing national and provincial health mandates on a daily basis. Our providers continue to use screening questionnaires for their clients, using the recommended Independent Health Facilities directive from the Ontario Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of our clients, their caregivers and our staff.

For more on what constitutes an emergency case, please read our COVID-19 Update page, which will be updated to reflect any changes in policy.

Tele-Rehabilitation: Secure Video/Phone Conference Services

Our providers will also be offering the option of tele-rehabilitation services for all our clients.  Telehealth involves the provision of health services and information through electronic information and telecommunication technologies.   In the past, telehealth has been used for people who couldn’t travel because of a disability or if they lived in rural or remote settings.

The current environment has highlighted the option of using other mediums to deliver quality care.  By using secure and private online platforms, therapists can provide assessment, therapy and consultation services to clients, their support workers and families.

Our therapists are experienced in working with other health care professionals, including personal and rehab support workers.  We have training and experience in providing education and clear communication in our interactions with the entire health care team including family members.

What to Expect from Your Virtual Appointment

If you are familiar with physiotherapy, kinesiology, or exercise physiology, you may wonder how these services are delivered virtually. Tele-rehabilitation is a suitable alternative given the current circumstances and part of the scope of practice of physiotherapists, registered kinesiologists and exercise physiologists.

We are using a secure and encrypted video software called Embodia for all virtual appointments. Embodia uses the Zoom Health platform to host the appointments. This is different from the regular Zoom platform and it complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA (health privacy legislation).

Once you book an appointment with your therapist, you will receive a link to your appointment via e-mail. You will need to download the Zoom program onto your phone, tablet, or computer, if you do not already have it.

From there, you will receive a consent form and an intake form if you are new to our clinic, and you will connect with a therapist at your scheduled appointment time.

During your appointment, your therapist will be able to see you and you will be able to see them. Just like the first part of an appointment in the clinic, your therapist will ask you questions to understand your specific needs and how we can help.

For the treatment part of your appointment, we share our knowledge and techniques with you so that you can succeed in implementing the program at home on your own.

Our therapists will be able to provide the assistance you need to navigate this new format of therapy. You also have the option of receiving therapy by way of regular telephone communication.

Propel’s Commitment to Client-Centred Care

At Propel Physiotherapy we pride ourselves in developing and maintaining a professional and beneficial therapeutic relationship with all our clients.  Our experienced therapists bring empathy, authenticity and respect to each client interaction whether this meeting is face to face or at a distance.  This provides the basis for an open and positive relationship and sets the environment for therapeutic improvement.

Whether on the phone or through online video interactions, our therapists will continue to bring the same dedication and passion that has defined Propel Physiotherapy as a leader in the physiotherapy community.

Health Resources

Government of Ontario’s Novel Coronavirus webpage

Toronto Public Health Authority recommendations if you’re sick

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Kathy Mileski
Kathy MileskiRegistered Physiotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer
Kathy Mileski loves the idea of helping others be as mobile and active as they possibly can. She believes that every person has the potential to do amazing things. That belief bolstered by her training and experience has helped her clients to achieve success in their rehab goals no matter where they are in terms of their recovery.



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