Physiotherapy Exam Cancellations Decrease Access to Physiotherapy Care

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR)—the governing body that administers and oversees the national Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE)—recently made the news when it cancelled its online exam shortly after students began writing the exam due to significant technical difficulties. The PCE must be successfully completed by eligible candidates before applying for an independent licence to practice physiotherapy in Canada. This is the fourth time since the pandemic took hold in Canada in March 2020 that the CAPR has cancelled the PCE. This has left a group of would-be physiotherapists waiting to start their healthcare careers, a hiring shortage [...]

How to Meet WHO Physical Activity Guidelines

The World Health Organization released their Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour in November.  Gill Deacon of CBC Radio’s Here and Now spoke with exercise physiologist Martha Garrick from Propel Physiotherapy on her program on Tuesday, December 1 to ask her for tips on meeting the WHO physical activity guidelines.Gill Deacon:Guidelines from the World Health Organization suggest we might be doing that a little too much for the last eight or nine months. We need to move a lot more than we currently are. The WHO released a report late last week expressing concerns over a second pandemic of [...]

Health for the Holidays: 4 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

With restrictions on gatherings, travel, and indoor dining, shopping and other activities across the country, this holiday season will undoubtedly feel a lot different than seasons past. The pandemic has created increased stress and anxiety levels for many people. In addition, it has created barriers to accessing important services that can help people take care of their mental and physical health. Your physical and mental well-being are always our top priority at Propel Physiotherapy. But this year, in particular, we have been reminded of the importance of self-care, and how educating our clients and empowering them to be more active [...]

How Virtual Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness Can Benefit You More Than In Person Sessions

Many healthcare providers have been forced to pivot to online services in order to provide ongoing care to clients throughout the pandemic. Virtual modes of treatment can be offered easily and effectively in many cases. Research indicates that virtual yoga therapy and mindfulness are just as beneficial to clients as in person sessions. In this article, we will look at how yoga and mindfulness can provide the same positive effects through a virtual platform and even provide some added benefits during this pandemic crisis. The pandemic has created increased stress and anxiety levels for many people. Fear, anxiety and feelings [...]

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