About Propel Physiotherapy

Propel Physiotherapy is a private treatment centre for catastrophic neurological injuries and complex orthopedic injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and sports injuries, located in Etobicoke. We believe in helping our clients pursue optimal health and wellness through physical therapy and activity, education, and mindfulness. We provide comprehensive client-centered care programs. They are based on the most current, evidence-based techniques, and implemented in the most cost-effective manner possible. Once a program is tailored to your specific goals, treatment is delivered where it suits you best, whether that is in the home, at work, in your local pool or recreation centre, or in our specially-designed clinic space. We take a hands-on approach, using manual therapy, facilitation, exercise, acupuncture, and a number of other treatments to help you get back to your daily routine.

Physiotherapy for Runners: Race Day Preparation to Injury Management

Running is a physically demanding sport, whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a 5K enthusiast. To perform at your best and minimize the risk of injury, it's essential to prepare your body adequately. Physiotherapy for runners is one tool that can help you run smarter so you can maximize [...]

Racquet Sports Injuries Treatment & Prevention

Racquet sports are among some of the most popular and fastest growing physical activities around the world. In addition to requiring very little equipment, they can be modified to most fitness levels and abilities. They also offer a full body workout that can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. [...]

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