Balance Training for Stroke Recovery

Navigating the path to recovery after a stroke is a journey marked by determination, hope, and the relentless pursuit of regaining one’s independence. Among the myriad of rehabilitation strategies available, balance training stands out as a cornerstone in this quest. It’s not just about physical stability; it’s about reclaiming [...]

Treating Severe TBI: An Integrated Approach Case Study

Severe traumatic brain injury is a complex neurological condition that requires a multidisciplinary approach to address the needs of the client. Often after a severe brain injury, the individual will have physical, sensorial, cognitive, perceptual and behavioural challenges to overcome. At Propel Physiotherapy, we have the ability to offer an interdisciplinary collaborative practice [...]

Deep Brain Stimulation Parkinson’s Disease Therapy

Deep brain stimulation Parkinson’s disease therapy has emerged as a promising option to offer relief to people who have not responded adequately to medication.[i] While deep brain stimulation (DBS) can effectively manage motor symptoms, there are limits to what it can do. In this article, we take a closer [...]

CTE: Preventing Concussions in Youth Hockey

After years of research and publicity around high-profile case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), we are learning more about the impacts of repeated head injuries, especially as it relates to contact sports. Athletes with a history of concussions are more likely to sustain additional concussions, which can result in [...]

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