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Hoong Phang is a registered physiotherapist at Propel Physiotherapy. He believes that every person is capable of improving their current physical situation and is passionate about developing unique strategies through critical analysis and assessment to help his clients achieve their personal goals. Hoong is currently published in the academic journals “Disability and Rehabilitation” and “Spinal Cord.”

Cross-Training Program for Cyclists

Cross-training can help address some of the issues and most common cycling injuries that our clients and the cycling community experience. Cross-training can involve simple body weight exercises; it doesn't have to involve a lot of heavy lifting or a lot of big equipment. Many of the exercises that we would be prescribe to cyclist clients actually focus on the core. In our post Exercises to Prevent the Most Common Cycling Injuries, we provide an outline of the types of exercises and direction that we would take with clients to prepare them for or repair them from the demands [...]

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Exercises to Prevent the Most Common Cycling Injuries

Physiotherapists tend to see some common cycling injuries and issues when clients come into the clinic, whether they are beginner cyclists, avid cyclists, or competitors. Many of these issues stem from being in a forward flexed position or crouched position with the hips bent towards the stomach for prolonged periods of time; and looking forward with the neck curved back. From a physiotherapist’s perspective, it is really important that anyone playing a sport or doing an activity that puts them in the same position or repeating the same motion for prolonged periods of time undertakes appropriate cross training measures. [...]

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Equipment to Prevent Common Cycling Injuries and Accidents

Summer is cycling season in Canada. You may have noticed an increased number of cyclists on the road or shared paths over the last few weeks and now with school out, the kids will join the enthusiasts and commuters. So we thought it was a good time to review cycling equipment for injury prevention so you can have as safe a ride as possible this summer. Cycling for leisure or transport is a great form of exercise. The benefits can include: increased cardiovascular fitness increased muscle strength and flexibility improved joint mobility decreased stress levels improved coordination strengthened bones [...]

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Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists Collaborate to Maximize Outcomes

As physiotherapists (PTs), my colleagues and I have had many opportunities to work with occupational therapists (OTs) in hospitals, in the community, and during our training at University. In an outpatient clinical setting, however, these opportunities are more rare. At Propel Physiotherapy’s Pickering location, we are fortunate to share a rehabilitation work-space with OTs from Complex Injury Rehab. Like us, they take a client-centered and team-based approach to providing the best care for the people they work with; and believe that the client is at the core of the team. Working in proximity with OTs has provided us with [...]

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