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Top 5 Heart Healthy Foods

When it comes to eating, not all foods are created equal. In particular, when it comes to eating to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, there are clear winners and losers. As we try to bring attention to cardiovascular health and what we can to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease during heart health month, we are taking a closer look at heart healthy foods and those foods to avoid. Heart disease affects approximately 2.4 million Canadian adults, and is the second leading cause of death in Canada. The current body of evidence shows that a diet high in [...]

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Can Mindfulness Improve Heart Health?

When it comes to mindfulness, we most often hear how mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. What is sometimes overlooked is whether mindfulness can improve heart health. In fact, mindfulness has physiological effects on the entire body. Numerous studies over the past decade have found that meditation can improve a variety of factors linked with heart disease, making it an important part of heart health. Mindfulness techniques (including meditation) are being integrated more and more into cardiac rehab programs, while family physicians are increasingly prescribing mindfulness to their clients. Meditation & Heart Function Meditation practices [...]

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Maintaining Heart Health During Orthopedic Injury Recovery

Maintaining heart health during orthopedic injury recovery is part of our objective for treatment when you come to Propel Physiotherapy. After suffering any type of orthopedic injury, traumatic or non-traumatic, your normal day-to-day routines will change — making that objective increasingly challenging. Whether you have injured your upper body, lower body, or both, activity levels are more than likely to decrease as you take time and rest to recover from your injury. Unfortunately, when you've been injured, on top of dealing with the initial injury, there can also be negative implications for cardiovascular health. How Complex Orthopedic Issues Affect [...]

What Conditions Are Orthotics Used to Treat?

What conditions are orthotics used to treat is a question we often get asked by clients seeking help to alleviate foot pain and discomfort. The research surrounding custom orthotics is expansive. Many conditions have been studied, primarily looking at pain in the lower extremities. The good news is that evidence suggests that a custom orthotics can be very effective in reducing pain associated with common foot and ankle injuries. And, in our professional experience, we have seen positive results in the treatment of varying conditions. A custom orthotic is designed to properly align your foot and ankle to the [...]

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