Community Physiotherapy in Pickering

//Community Physiotherapy in Pickering

Community Physiotherapy in Pickering

Propel Physiotherapy offers community physiotherapy in Pickering and surrounding areas. Community physiotherapy is the practice of providing physiotherapy assessment and treatment to clients outside of the clinic-based setting. We can treat clients in their homes, in the gym, a community pool, their residence, hospitals, schools or any community setting where they might find themselves.

Community physiotherapy allows for access to physiotherapy services for individuals who are unable to come into the clinic for a variety of reasons like work or school schedules. Although, it is particularly beneficial for individuals who have difficulty accessing our services in the clinic. For example, people with severe mobility impairments, those unable to organize transportation, or people living with significant anxiety or stress when exiting their home can still access our services.

As part of our mobile or community physiotherapy offering, we provide the following services and therapies:

The Benefits to Community Physiotherapy in Pickering

Providing assessments and treatment in the spaces where our clients live, work and play allows our therapist to evaluate firsthand where there may be issues, and help to address these issues in order to help clients achieve their goals.  It also allows the physiotherapist to evaluate an individual’s functional limitations or barriers to a task-specific motor movement.

For example, our therapists have worked with clients who live in retirement residences and assisted living residences who were interested in participating in a hydrotherapy program. We create a customized community pool-based program in each case. After demonstrating it in the pool and reassessing the clients’ abilities, the programs can be further customized. Overall, we have found it to be a great experience in advocating for the client and making sure they were using the pool facilities and respective equipment to the fullest.

When treating people in hospital settings, we get a chance to work more closely with the client’s other healthcare providers. This important interaction helps to improve the delivery of integrated and holistic care. Healthcare in a hospital setting also tends to involve more interaction with the client’s family. This allows us to involve family members in the session when we demonstrate how to execute exercises, which they can then help the client with at home, in the absence of healthcare provider.

Working together with family members can also lead to insights on the physical, psychological, financial and social contexts of the client that you might not otherwise come to understand. This can be particularly important in cases involving traumatic brain injury.

Physiotherapy for Complex Injuries in Pickering

The Pickering area is under-serviced for people recovering from catastrophic injuries due to motor vehicle or work place injuries. Propel Physiotherapy Pickering is therefore able to provide much needed complex neurological and orthopedic physiotherapy care for people living in Pickering and surrounding Durham Region.

Our service area covers an approximated 10km radius (or 15-minute drive) around the Pickering clinic located at 1101 Kingston Rd., Suite 240 in Pickering, Ontario, L1V 1B5. For any clients outside this radius or requiring the therapist to travel more than 30 minutes round trip, treatment options can be negotiated with the individual clinician on a case by case basis.

Fees for community physiotherapy include our standard rates for the duration of the session, plus travel time to and from the clinic. These services are covered by insurance, as a treatment in the clinic would be.

For more information about our mobile community physiotherapy services, please contact our clinic administrative team.

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A special thank to our summer intern Laura Sawula from the University of Toronto’s Physical Therapy program for helping us put together this blog post as part of her placement. Laura is on instagram as @lsawula.



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