A physiotherapist with training in the specialty area of neurology can help you recover from stroke. Stroke rehabilitation involves a specific, individualized treatment approach tailored to each client’s needs.

A stroke occurs when blood stops flowing to an area of your brain, leading to cell damage in that area. There are two types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhage. In ischemic strokes, blood flow is stopped by a clot or blockage in the blood vessels of your brain. With hemorrhagic strokes, high blood pressure causes weakened arteries to break open, leading to an interruption in blood flow to the brain.

Recovery can greatly depend on where and what type of stroke you have had. At Propel Physiotherapy, we complete a full sensorimotor and functional assessment involving the whole body, then set goals with the client that are realistic and time sensitive. We also strive to involve caregivers and family to help the client achieve their goals when at home.

Ways Physiotherapy Can Help Your Stroke Recovery

Often after a stroke, one sided weakness in the upper and lower extremities is common. A physiotherapist can help assess your current level of motor recovery and provide the appropriate treatment strategies to facilitate return of normal movement.

Whether from the stroke itself, or from disuse due to hospital stay, decreased endurance is often reported in clients recovering from stroke. Physiotherapists will assess your current aerobic level and develop a conditioning program that best meets your needs considering your goals and any other conditions that may affect your endurance.

Balance is affected by several different components including your vision, strength, sensation, and vestibular system. All these areas can be affected by a stroke. Your physiotherapist can help target which systems have been affected and develop appropriate treatment based on the areas of need.

Your physiotherapist will work to help you optimize your independence while moving in your environment. This can involve anything from moving from a wheelchair to a bed safely, trying different mobility aids to find one that works for you, or walking safely and independently in your community. Your physiotherapist will help you find ways to optimize the quality and efficiency in how you are moving and walking.

A physiotherapist will provide you with education on how to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy behaviours and stress management.

Propel Physiotherapy’s Stroke Rehabilitation Approach

Propel Physiotherapy has set itself apart by the quality of care our clinicians provide and the unique setting we provide to meet the individual of these clients. Our comprehensive client-centered approach allows each clinician to spend valuable and meaningful time with each client. This is especially important for people who have sustained a brain or spinal cord injury. To accommodate these complexities, we will see some of our clients for an hour to an hour and a half for assessments and treatment sessions; and there is additional preparation time that goes into each appointment.

We take a hands-on approach to treatment. All of the physiotherapists at Propel Physiotherapy have training in the Bobath Concept or Neuro-Developmental Treatment and have completed post-graduate certifications and course work in the specialty area of neurology. We consider current principles of neurophysiology, motor learning and the capacity of the nervous system to change through neuroplasticity when treating each client.

We also have a full complement of specialized and adapted equipment that we use to help our clients get the most out of their rehab programs, including: Keeogo robotic-assisted walking device, body weight support system, FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) using the Odstock and Bioness foot drop stimulator.

Our integrated healthcare team serves the Greater Toronto Area from our two convenient locations in Etobicoke and Pickering, and also provides mobile services that will come to your home, place of business or other location in the community that best suits your needs.

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Kathy Mileski
Kathy MileskiRegistered Physiotherapist and Mindfulness Trainer
Kathy Mileski loves the idea of helping others be as mobile and active as they possibly can. She believes that every person has the potential to do amazing things. That belief bolstered by her training and experience has helped her clients to achieve success in their rehab goals no matter where they are in terms of their recovery.





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