Cold Weather Injury Prevention

Outdoor activities can fill the cold, dark days of winter with lots of fun and memorable moments. However, if we are not mindful of taking care of our bodies, it can also lead to pain and injury. That’s why we advise clients to consider injury prevention to ensure these magical winter moments are problem-free. Here are a few classic winter activities that warrant some extra preventative measures so there’s more time “doing” the activity and less time “undoing” any potential injuries. Snow Shoveling Injury Prevention Tips Warming up for this winter chore is a must, if you want to [...]

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Best Winter Footwear to Prevent Slips and Falls

Winter in Canada means ice, snow and cold. And, while this brings many opportunities for outdoor sports and activities, this environment can make simply getting outdoors and walking dangerous. Having a mobility issue or physical disability can make negotiating the outdoor in winter even more challenging. Knowing how to choose the best winter footwear to prevent slips and falls is important for every Canadian's safety. Snow and ice on driveways and sidewalks pose a serious risk for people of all ages and physical abilities. In the winter of 2016-2017, there were nearly 9,000 hospitalizations due to falls on ice [...]

What’s the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

The main difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy is that physical therapy focuses on evaluating and diagnosing injury and dysfunction with the goal of restoring, maintaining and optimizing mobility, function and well-being; while occupational therapy is concerned with helping people achieve daily activities at work, home and leisure like eating, grooming, and toileting. Physiotherapists may use hands on manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, education, heat, cold, light, water, massage, acupuncture and other modalities to enhance and restore the function of multiple body systems. Occupational therapists may assess a person’s home or work space and recommend equipment or modification to [...]

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Community Physiotherapy in Pickering

Propel Physiotherapy offers community physiotherapy in Pickering and surrounding areas. Community physiotherapy is the practice of providing physiotherapy assessment and treatment to clients outside of the clinic-based setting. We can treat clients in their homes, in the gym, a community pool, their residence, hospitals, schools or any community setting where they might find themselves. Community physiotherapy allows for access to physiotherapy services for individuals who are unable to come into the clinic for a variety of reasons like work or school schedules. Although, it is particularly beneficial for individuals who have difficulty accessing our services in the clinic. For [...]

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