At Home Physiotherapy in Peterborough

Since January of 2020, registered physiotherapist David Friesen has travelled hundreds of miles to communities in and around Peterborough, including Lakefield, Belleville and Bobcaygeon, to provide at home physiotherapy care to clients. In a typical week, David will normally see clients with a wide variety of injuries like concussion, traumatic brain injury and stroke. Injuries of this nature are commonly a result of motor vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, and high velocity and/or high impact mechanisms of injury, which require a different approach than common sports or work-related injuries. When David and his family made the move from Toronto to [...]

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Mobile Physiotherapy in Peterborough

After having our first child in March 2019, my wife and I decided that it was time to relocate from our small apartment in downtown Toronto. We looked at many different options, but after much debate, we decided that Peterborough would be the right spot for us! Just an hour outside of Toronto, but with full access to all of the outdoor activities we love, the Kawartha region seemed to call our name. In November 2019, we bought our first house and moved to the west side of Peterborough shortly after! Once we knew where we would be living, [...]

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