Maintaining Heart Health During Orthopedic Injury Recovery

Maintaining heart health during orthopedic injury recovery is part of our objective for treatment when you come to Propel Physiotherapy. After suffering any type of orthopedic injury, traumatic or non-traumatic, your normal day-to-day routines will change — making that objective increasingly challenging. Whether you have injured your upper body, lower body, or both, activity levels are more than likely to decrease as you take time and rest to recover from your injury. Unfortunately, when you've been injured, on top of dealing with the initial injury, there can also be negative implications for cardiovascular health. How Complex Orthopedic Issues Affect [...]

Group Fitness Bootcamps: The Benefits

Group fitness bootcamps have risen in popularity over the past two decades; and for good reason. The benefits of group fitness bootcamps are numerous. The nature of the workouts can help eliminate several barriers you might face in starting and sticking to a regular routine of physical activity. When starting any new workout program, there are multiple factors that can contribute to your success or failure. Lack of time, nervousness about physical abilities, a lack of motivation, or the costs associated with certain activities are just some of the major factors that can diminish your internal drive to exercise and [...]

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Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer from Propel Physiotherapy go far beyond getting an exercise program based on your physical goals. They can help remove barriers that prevent you from exercising regularly and help you develop a positive attitude toward healthy lifestyle behaviours. Our personal training team is made up of registered kinesiologists and exercise physiologists with experience working with clients with a wide range of injuries and health conditions. This means that regardless of your life circumstances or physical abilities, they can help you reap the benefits of regular physical exercise in a safe and effective way. [...]

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The Benefits of Yoga Therapy

If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of  yoga therapy and whether it is appropriate for you, I believe it most definitely is. Everyone can benefit from an individualized yoga practice! If you need more convincing, please keep reading for a discussion of the benefits of yoga therapy and my approach to offering yoga therapy to groups and individuals. I have been offering small group therapeutic yoga classes and private yoga therapy sessions at Propel Physiotherapy since 2018. My work here, specifically with clients with complex orthopedic and neurological injuries, has reinforced my previous experience working as a yoga [...]

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