Parkinson’s Exercise Classes in Etobicoke

Propel Physiotherapy is now offering Parkinson's exercise classes in our Etobicoke clinic. PWR!Moves® is a Parkinson’s Disease-specific skill training program aimed at slowing and stopping the progression of Parkinson’s. The PWR!Moves® program is one more important tool to help Propel Physiotherapy meet our goal of helping our clients maintain or restore skills that help them live life optimally. The evidence-based program developed by Dr. Becky Farley, PhD, MS, PT, that focuses on functional skill training that is most affected by bradykinesia. The program also incorporates various exercises to target symptoms of rigidity, and incoordination to help improve postural stability [...]

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Exercise Slows Progression of Parkinson’s Disease

For people with Parkinson’s Disease (PWP) the things we do every day automatically or habitually – such as swinging our arms when we walk, getting out of bed, and getting up off the floor – become more difficult. The progressive neurological disorder can be a devastating and life-changing diagnosis. The good news is that evidence suggests that exercise slows the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. What is Parkinson’s Disease? First described by British surgeon, James Parkinson in 1817, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that results from the death of dopamine cells in the basal ganglia of the brain.  [...]

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Decrease the Risk of Osteoporosis with Exercise

When you think of ways to decrease the risk of osteoporosis, you probably think of eating your greens, consuming protein, and supplementing calcium. However, you may not think of exercise and movement as a way to decrease the risk of osteoporosis.  In fact, exercise along with proper nutrition are the two best ways you can help prevent or delay the onset of osteoporosis. In Canada, 1 in 3 women are likely to break a bone due to osteoporosis versus our male counterparts (who have a 1 in 5 chance at breaking a bone), meaning 33% of the female population [...]

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Exercises to Prevent Osteoporosis

While Osteoporosis can affect people at almost any age, it is most common among Canadians 50 years of age or older.¹  Two million Canadians are affected by osteoporosis.² In fact, fractures from osteoporosis are more common than heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined.³ One of the things we can do to prevent or delay the onset of osteoporosis is exercise. I have put together these general exercise prescription guidelines with exercise program options for osteoporosis prevention: General Exercise Guidelines for Osteoporosis Prevention Perform some sort of exercise daily. Strength train at least twice a week (moderate to vigorous [...]

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