Improving Balance and Posture Makes Daily Activities Safer

WHAT IS BALANCE AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Balance is the communication between your brain, inner ear, visual system, and sensory system. This communication helps us as humans maintain equilibrium and helps us stand, walk, and do functional movements without falling over. Improving balance and posture can therefore make every day activities like like grooming, toileting, walking, stairs safer and easier. HOW DOES POSTURE INFLUENCE BALANCE? As we age or if we are physically limited due to injury or disease, we tend to lose mobility in our backs, form rounded shoulders, increased curves in our spines, decreased arches in [...]

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The Benefits of Group Exercise

Strength in Numbers Why do so many people avoid regular exercise when the benefits are so hard to ignore? Whether it’s improving your mood, controlling your weight, preventing disease, recovering from injury, or increasing your energy, exercise is just plain good for you. However, many people lack the motivation to be consistent with workouts over time; others find it difficult to build it into their busy schedule; and some just find it too boring. In order to be successful with any lifestyle change or rehabilitation program, it is important to remove potential barriers; and a great way to overcome these [...]

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Adapting traditional exercise for function

Adapting traditional exercise for function Lifting for a reason I first began resistance training to make myself a better athlete with some pretty unrefined goals in mind — throw further, kick harder, and jump higher — and I continued with resistance training and weight lifting after finishing my athletic career. However, as I furthered my studies in physiotherapy, I began to realize that the traditional exercises I became accustomed to would not necessarily help my clients achieve their personal goals for functional movements like sitting to standing, lifting up a box, or better posture. At this point, what some of [...]

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Can Exercise Improve Brain Health?

Most people understand that exercise is important for the health of your physical body, but many are not aware of the effects of exercise on brain health. The benefits of exercise are numerous, and I think it is one of the most productive things you can do to ensure a long and healthy life. When it comes to the reasons why we should exercise, one of the best ways I have heard it described is that, “Exercise is the best medicine. Take it daily!” It not only helps you stay healthy, but can also act as the antidote for many [...]

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