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Mindfulness: Reduce Stress & Chronic Pain

Retrain Your Brain for Better Physical and Mental Health How many of us have gotten to our destination after driving in our cars, only to ask ourselves, how did we get here? Or, have had encounters with coworkers, friends or family members only to ask ourselves what did we talk about? Our lives have turned into an endless assembly line, breakfast, work, gym, supper, work, bed… wake up and repeat. We are often so out of touch with what is happening in our daily lives, that often days, weeks or even months go by unnoticed. It often takes a major [...]

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Heart Health: Steps to Longevity

Valentine’s Day falls in the month of February, so it is only fitting that we celebrate Heart Health this month! Aside from being a symbol for love and affection, the heart is responsible for sending oxygen-rich blood to the body and sending oxygen-poor blood to the lungs. It is integral to all of our body’s systems and plays a vital role for muscular function. In addition, our circulatory system is highly dependent on our heart’s ability to create appropriate blood pressure. With the heart being such an important organ, it is important that we keep it healthy and functioning optimally. [...]

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