Our integrated approach to healthcare involves looking at the whole person and working collaboratively with a team of professionals to address each individual’s needs. Talk to us about a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.
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Amputee Rehabilitation

After undergoing an amputation of the foot, leg, hand, or arm, there are significant physical and emotional challenges that you face. A personalized and integrated rehabilitation program led by professionally trained therapists can improve your functional independence and help you thrive. Talk to us about a personalized rehabilitation program to meet your needs.


Brain Injury Treatment

We have built our practice around the treatment of complex neurological injuries such as traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. Our skilled professionals have training and experience working with those who have suffered a brain injury and addressing the chronic conditions and complications that follow.


Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is very complex, and as such our team takes a holistic approach to treating varying types of persistent or chronic pain. We recognize that pain involved the body as a whole and not just the area of pain; so, we take into consideration the person as a whole, including past and present experiences and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.


Concussion Management

At Propel, our health care professionals have specialized training in the assessment and management of post-concussion symptoms and use best practice guidelines to treat related symptoms and manage return to activity or sport. Extensive experience treating dizziness and balance impairments with vestibular dysfunction has helped pave the way for our concussion program.


Custom Bracing

Our registered physiotherapists have special training in the assessment and treatment of the knee, its biomechanics and deficits related to the knee that affect your everyday life – work, sport and recreation. Propel therapists will help you navigate not only your recovery journey but what devices may be appropriate for you in that journey. In certain conditions this may involve the recommendation of a custom knee brace.


Custom Orthotics

Our commitment to a comprehensive approach to treating our clients sometimes involves the recommendation of a custom orthotic. All of our physiotherapists have training and experience in assessing and identifying conditions requiring the use of a custom orthotic. We combine two cutting edge technologies – a gait scan and 3D imaging – to customize an orthotic that meets each person’s needs.


Ergonomics Assessments

Ergonomic assessments address work discomfort, injury, medical conditions, and return to work scenarios. Our staff examine key ergonomic risk factors, including tasks, work behaviours, environment, and equipment and furniture usage to determine the root causes and develop a set of recommendations. Let us assess how your work can be adapted to make you safer, pain-free and more productive.


Family Physiotherapy

The delivery of high-quality care to our clients is our primary goal. That is why our therapists deliver personalized treatment to specific populations in the communities we serve. Whether your child is suffering from a congenital condition or a parent has suffered a stroke, we adapt our approach and customize each rehabilitation program based on your individual goals and needs.


Massage Therapy

Propel Physiotherapy offers high-quality massage therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions as a result of spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and a host of other neurological conditions. We also treat post-surgical, perinatal, arthritic, and stress-related conditions, including knee replacement, back pain, TMJ pain and headaches.


Mobility Physiotherapy

We have extensive experience conducting seating and mobility assessments, and prescribing appropriate seating and mobility devices. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals by providing thorough assessments, then use the findings to match our clients with the mobility aids that will help them meet their goals. We have physiotherapists that are Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Authorizers; experienced in complex seating systems as well as straightforward prescriptions.


Neurological Injury Rehab

Our services are tailored to provide quality care for people with catastrophic neurological injuries. Injuries of this nature are commonly a result of motor vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, and high velocity or high impact mechanisms of injury, which require a different approach than common sports or work-related injuries. At Propel, we use specific therapeutic techniques based in normal movement and therapeutic exercise to help clients regain and optimize mobility.


Spinal Cord Injury Rehab

The treatment of spinal cord injury requires both specialized training and equipment. We combine our knowledge and passion for working with people with spinal cord injury with cutting-edge treatments and technologies. This enables us to provide comprehensive care in our clinics and in community settings. We take an evidence informed approach to our rehabilitation programs and tailor every treatment plan to the individual’s needs and specific neurological presentation.


Sports Physiotherapy

Our team of highly-skilled health professionals provide comprehensive assessments and treatments of sport and recreational injuries as well as the everyday aches and pains that prevent active Canadians from playing at the top of their game. We will assemble the best team for your needs from our roster of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists and massage therapists and put together a game plan that helps you live, work and play optimally.


Stroke Recovery Therapy

We have set ourselves apart by the quality of care our clinicians provide and the unique setting we provide to meet the needs of individuals affected by stroke. Our comprehensive client-centered approach allows each clinician to spend valuable and meaningful time with each client. This is especially important for people who have suffered a stroke. To accommodate these complexities, we will see some of our clients for an hour to an hour and a half for assessments and treatment.


Vertigo Treatment

Many people are able to recover from symptoms of vertigo and dizziness on their own after a few weeks of normal activity because the brain has adapted with a process called vestibular compensation. In other cases, the symptoms persist and vestibular rehabilitation therapy can help to reduce the symptoms or habituate the client to the reduced motion tolerance. If this is the case, one of our physiotherapists with training and experience in vestibular rehabilitation can help.



At Propel, we take an integrated approach to healthcare; addressing the person as a whole and not just body parts or injuries. That's why we offer services like yoga and mindfulness that not only help you bring greater awareness to your every day living but have been proven effective in helping manage conditions like chronic pain, stress, heart disease, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression. We offer these services at our clinics, out in communities through our mobile services, as well as in workplace settings through our corporate wellness program.

Let Us Bring Our Services To You

We recognize that not everyone is readily able to access one of our two physiotherapy clinics in Etobicoke and Pickering. For that reason, all of our services are mobile. Enjoy the benefits of our professional services in the comfort of your home, office or any suitable setting in your community.

After a full assessment of your needs and surroundings, one of our registered professionals will develop a program with your specific goals in mind to help you get to where you want in your physical health and wellness.



“I had a traumatic brain injury and my progress has been outstanding thanks to the knowledge and encouragement of the staff in the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, you can really tell they take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend this location because they produce results!”

– Michael 

“Came to Propel after dealing with a mid back issue for months. From the facilities to treatment, the whole experience was top notch. Hoong’s assessment was thorough and the treatment got me feeling better quickly. He also gave me some exercises to work on which have continued to help. Would definitely recommend!”

– Carlos

“I was injured severely 4 years ago. I have needed an abundance of physiotherapy as well as massage therapy. This clinic has given me by far the greatest and most successful care and rehabilitation to get back to my life. The staff are extremely knowledgeable in their field and not only treat you as a client but as a friend or family member.”

– Vanessa