How to Turn Compassion Fatigue into Healthy Empathy

As the pandemic continues to impact our lives, it can be particularly stressful and traumatic to frontline, healthcare workers and caregivers.  Feeling of burnout, compassion fatigue and stress have become commonplace in many healthcare, community, and home settings. As a mindfulness coach and physiotherapist, I have frequently heard comments [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Mental Health Effects of Covid-19

As a physiotherapist working in one of the province’s leading neurological rehabilitation centres, I have witnessed the mental health effects of COVID-19 on some of my clients with traumatic brain injury. In the spirit of Bell Let's Talk Day, I wanted to share the perspectives of some of my clients [...]

3 Mindfulness Exercises to Bring You Calm in These Stressful Times

Mindfulness exercises and meditation practices are a way of coping with today’s changing environment. They are tools that you can use to help you deal with the stress, anxiety and worry that have become commonplace during these unprecedented times. Mindfulness exercises can help by focusing our attention to the present [...]

How Virtual Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness Can Benefit You More Than In Person Sessions

Many healthcare providers have been forced to pivot to online services in order to provide ongoing care to clients throughout the pandemic. Virtual modes of treatment can be offered easily and effectively in many cases. Research indicates that virtual yoga therapy and mindfulness are just as beneficial to clients as [...]

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