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Hoong Phang is a registered physiotherapist at Propel Physiotherapy. He believes that every person is capable of improving their current physical situation and is passionate about developing unique strategies through critical analysis and assessment to help his clients achieve their personal goals. Hoong is currently published in the academic journals “Disability and Rehabilitation” and “Spinal Cord.”

Lower Back Pain Treatment

One of the most common issues people come to our clinic to get addressed is lower back pain. It’s not surprising when you consider that up to 85 percent of working people can expect to experience some form of lower back pain during their lifetime.¹ Specifically in Canada, the lower back medical costs are a significant strain on our workforce’s productivity and a massive cause of missed workdays.² The good news is that an active physiotherapy program can help people get back to work and their regular routine with more lower back resiliency. We see clients with a wide [...]

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Can I recover from a degenerated back?

In week 3, we look at another one of your most asked questions in our special Client Appreciation Month series called Ask Me Anything. QUESTION 3: CAN I RECOVER FROM A DEGENERATED BACK? MY MRI RESULTS LOOK HOPELESS. Diagnostic imaging techniques, such as X-ray, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Computerize Tomography (CT) scans, have become a staple in providing the clinician and client with a clearer clinical picture of their respective issue. While imaging does play a big factor in our clinical health, its weight in importance must be calibrated accordingly; especially for issues relating to physiotherapy, pain, [...]

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How physio differs from chiro and massage

This week, we tackle another one of your most asked questions in our special Client Appreciation Month series called Ask Me Anything. QUESTION 2: HOW DOES PHYSIOTHERAPY DIFFER FROM CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT AND MASSAGE THERAPY? One of the most frequently asked questions by all of our clients is how physiotherapy differs from chiropractic treatment and massage therapy; and it is a good one. Receiving treatment in a multi-disciplinary health clinic, like Propel Physiotherapy, our clients may definitely see some areas of overlap and some areas of exclusivity within these professions. We will shed some light on these areas in an effort [...]

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When to Use Ice Versus Heat for My Condition

During Client Appreciation Month, our staff are taking the time to answer four of the most asked questions by our clients over the next four weeks in a series called Ask Me Anything. QUESTION 1: WHEN DO I USE ICE VERSUS HEAT FOR MY CONDITION? Figuring out when to use ice versus heat for a particular condition seems like it should be such a simple question to answer, but it’s not. So, let’s take some time to walk through the conditions that may call for each. Ice (cryotherapy) is for conditions that are acute, demonstrating signs of inflammation, and painful. [...]

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