Registered Physiotherapist and Executive Director

Kyle Whaley has a reputation for achieving great results for clients with complex injuries and behavioral challenges caused by motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and sports injuries. He has a special knack for simplifying an assessment and attaining a diagnosis for clients who have exhausted all other avenues and almost lost hope.
His passion for helping people move forward with their recovery inspired Kyle to launch Propel Physiotherapy, in January 2016. His vision is to build the Greater Toronto Area’s leading treatment centre for catastrophic neurological injuries and complex orthopedic injuries.
Kyle and his colleagues use a holistic approach that emphasizes client-centered treatment, research, education, community engagement.
Kyle Whaley Physiotherapist Propel Physiotherapy Etobicoke Physiotherapy Pickering Clinic

Education & Training

Kyle is a graduate of the Queen’s University Physical and Health Education Program. He began his career in strength and conditioning with an active population including athletes from a variety of sports.
Kyle is also a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Physical Therapy program. He has a range of post-graduate treatment skills that include Bobath concept, manual therapy, acupuncture, chronic pain, vestibular disorders, and wheelchair seating and mobility.
He is the former co-owner and director of Toronto’s Balance Physiotherapy West. He spent five years growing that clinic into a successful practice before restructuring the business to create Propel Physiotherapy.

Passions & Pursuits

Kyle is a volunteer lab clinician at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program, where he mentors physiotherapists trained overseas trying to meet Canadian entry-to-practice standards.
It is also driven in part by his love of activities like skiing, boating swimming, biking hiking and travelling. Kyle grew up on an 11-acre farm just outside of Kingston. Today, he seizes any opportunity to get out of the city with his wife and two boys to enjoy nature and sport.
His travels have taken him to a small island in the Pacific where he worked as a teacher. Creating and implementing after-school programs, he reintroduced elementary and high school children to their native island flora and fauna through interactive field trips. He also spent time working in acute and rehabilitation in Australia and New Zealand.
Kyle Whaley Physiotherapist Propel Physiotherapy Etobicoke Physiotherapy Pickering Clinic Instructing Student Physios

Kyle, the owner of Propel Physiotherapy, is by far the best physio I’ve ever had – and I had a few in my life! He treated me right after my knee surgery. Before my surgery, I had been walking with crutches/cane for almost 6 months. Kyle is very knowledgeable and experienced. He gave me the right treatment to recover and walk normally again in a very short amount of time. During my treatment at Propel, Kyle was training an intern with a lot of dedication and commitment; which I greatly appreciated and respect. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who would need physio.

– W B 

I suffered a knee injury at the end of the summer and was referred to Kyle Whaley. When I came in to see him I was having difficulty bending my leg. I had very little strength in my quad. Kyle designed exercises specific to my injury to help me recover. He took videos which I could view through an app on my phone. That way I was able to work out on my own between visits. As I progressed he gave me new exercises to build my strength. I am now back to cycling and playing hockey. I can’t say enough about how Kyle has helped me.

– James C.

A nice, modern-looking unit with lots of space for treatments. My physiotherapist (Kyle) has been working with me to get to the root of my complex health issues. He always explains why he is doing something and seems genuinely committed to all his patients. Would highly recommend this office.

– Lisa A.