Take the time to listen to your body, find your own rhythm, and enjoy the benefits of this dynamic movement practice.
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Judy Anne Hachiles
Judy Anne HachilesYoga Instructor
Judy Anne is passionate about sharing yoga as a self-care tool, especially reminding busy city-bodies that rest and well-being is conducive to productivity. She has a background in leading sessions for those who need to balance out their desk-bound or sedentary lifestyles, and take a moment to unplug. She believes that the exclusivity of one-on-one, couple or small group sessions are best to give people the opportunity to “listen” to their bodies and find their own rhythm.


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    Ask Judy Anne

    I had a traumatic brain injury and my progress has been outstanding thanks to the knowledge and encouragement of the staff in the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, you can really tell they take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend this location because they produce results!

    – Michael 

    We want to share our yoga experience that my husband and I have had with Judy Anne – Awesome coach! She is punctual; patient; professional; provides information to me in a very timely manner. Anyone out there who needs a yoga instructor to work with , I highly recommend Judy Anne at Propel Physiotherapy Clinic!!

    – S. Tang

    Jessica has shared many varied breathing and movement techniques designed to address my anxiety, chronic back pain, or random aches and pains elsewhere in the body. I am very grateful to Jessica for her knowledge, expertise and compassionate demeanour. I have experienced first-hand the profound benefits her custom-catered practices can yield and highly recommend the yoga therapy she offers.

    – Laura

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