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Developing Meaningful Goals for SCI Rehabilitation

At Propel Physiotherapy, we take an evidence informed approach to our rehabilitation programs incorporating current understanding of neurophysiology, motor learning and neuroplasticity principles to enhance therapeutic outcomes. While knowing how and where a spinal cord injury occurred is a key indicator of what level of recovery is expected, two clients with the same diagnosis may have very different needs and lifestyles. In order to develop meaningful goals for SCI rehabilitation, it is equally important to tailor the program to the individual. Determining the Level of SCI Recovery Expected The spinal cord is thick bundle of nerves that starts at [...]

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Assistive Devices for SCI Rehabilitation

At Propel Physiotherapy, the treatment of people living with spinal cord injury (SCI) begins with a detailed neurological physiotherapy assessment, application of meaningful outcome measures, and the development of salient goals. Throughout this process, it may be determined appropriate that the client living with SCI use specific pieces of therapeutic equipment or assistive devices for SCI rehabilitation. Assistive Devices for Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries Individuals with an incomplete spinal cord injury are likely to see the biggest functional benefits from gait-training, and depending on the level of injury, may be more likely to walk with or without a mobility [...]

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Physiotherapy Helps Clients with SCI Achieve Optimal Abilities

After a spinal cord injury, many people believe that any physiotherapy that takes place would be highly passive and limited in activity, especially when the client has a long history of moderate-severe osteoarthritis or other compounding injuries or conditions. Other clinicians often assume that what goes on during in-patient care will continue to take place when the person has been discharged and is at home. In reality, this could not be further from the truth.  In our professional experience, the client stands to make the best gains being pushed physically, within medical reason and taking into consideration medical precautions. [...]

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Sport in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Within a physiotherapy context, sport is often used as a motivator or end-goal for people recovering from an injury. Returning to one's sport is viewed as milestone objective and it provides clinician and client a concrete direction for their purpose at physiotherapy (or during physiotherapy sessions). Sometimes, however, sport is part of the therapy and it gives the client meaningful, fun, and productive tasks/movements that can aid in their recovery. The act of participating in a sport can contribute to improving overall physical wellness, and it also provides a mental outlet for people recovering from injuries that have longer-laster [...]