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Best Winter Footwear to Prevent Slips and Falls

Winter in Canada means ice, snow and cold. And, while this brings many opportunities for outdoor sports and activities, this environment can make simply getting outdoors and walking dangerous. Having a mobility issue or physical disability can make negotiating the outdoor in winter even more challenging. Knowing how to choose the best winter footwear to prevent slips and falls is important for every Canadian's safety. Snow and ice on driveways and sidewalks pose a serious risk for people of all ages and physical abilities. In the winter of 2016-2017, there were nearly 9,000 hospitalizations due to falls on ice [...]

Keeogo Assistive Devices for Walking

Propel Physiotherapy uses the KeeogoTM assistive device for walking to effectively help address the unique mobility and gait issues some of our clients face in the community and at home. The evidence-based technology is improving the independence of our clients. We perform assessments in-clinic, which include a fitting and customization of the device. KeeogoTM is then used in conjunction with physiotherapy sessions as a therapeutic mobility device to assist the client with focusing on different aspects of their therapy and enable the client to try task-oriented activities they would not be able to perform without this kind of assistance. [...]

Universal Design For All People: Beyond Mobility

When people think of the word ‘accessibility’ as it relates to the physical environment, most would tend to think of things in terms of what it means for wheelchair users. For example, stairs outside or inside a public establishment are a barrier to wheelchair users, a shortage of elevators cause barriers for wheelchair users, and inaccessible transit and non-kneeling buses are barriers to wheelchair users. But issues of accessibility do not just affect those of us in wheelchairs—it extends to anyone with any type of impairment, mobility or otherwise and beyond. What about the elderly woman in a walker? The [...]