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Physiotherapy Internships: How to Get the Most Out of Your Clinical Placement

I graduated from the University of Toronto Physical Therapy program in 2015, and throughout the program participated in six clinical physiotherapy internships. These placements afforded the opportunity to learn about different areas of practice, and to work with different clinical instructors with unique teaching styles. Since graduating, I have remained involved with University of Toronto, supervising students during clinical exposure sessions, and as a clinical instructor for musculoskeletal and neuro placements. Based on my experience, I have identified some tips that can help students to make the most out of their clinical placements and be able to transfer the [...]

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Pickering Physiotherapy Student Placements Benefit Community

Propel Physiotherapy Pickering has taken on its first student since opening this Durham location just over a year ago. University of Toronto student and Pickering resident, Rehginald Ragos is completing the work placement component of his masters of physical therapy program over the next several months. Rehginald first learned about Propel Physiotherapy after hearing clinic director Kyle Whaley give a lecture about neurological and complex orthopedic rehabilitation at the University of Toronto, where Kyle is a clinical instructor. The lecture was focused on the intricacies on operating and owning a clinic, however, Rehginald was also interested in the types [...]

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Accessible Gyms in Pickering

Finding the right workout routine can be challenging for anyone. Having a physical disability can make the challenge even more daunting because not all gyms are designed with disability in mind. Although there are more accessible gyms than ever before, it continues to be difficult for individuals with disabilities to access exercise in the community. All adults regardless of physical abilities need a need to get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activity per week to reap the many benefits of physical activity.  By adding equipment and programs that remove physical and social barriers to working [...]

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