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Kathy is a registered physiotherapist and mindfulness trainer at Propel Physiotherapy. She incorporates mindfulness based practice and teachings into her work, which gives her a powerful tool to help improve the likelihood of positive outcomes for clients with stroke, spinal cord injury and brain injury.

Dystonia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Dystonia is a neurological condition that can affect mobility, balance, posture and endurance. Millions of North Americans are affected by one of the many forms of the disorder. Its wide variety of symptoms can lead to loss of function, pain, fatigue and stress. In this article, we provide an overview of dystonia with causes and symptoms. In additions, we will look at how physical therapy intervention can help clients with dystonia by improving movement and mobility, decreasing pain, restoring function and limiting disability. What is Dystonia? Dystonia is a movement disorder characterized by involuntary sustained or intermittent muscle contractions [...]

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Mindfulness Therapy Helps Improve Symptoms of Brain Injury & Illness

The pandemic restrictions, in particular social and physical distancing, have led to feelings of isolation. While this can be difficult for all individuals, it can be particularly devastating for those with brain injuries and other neurological illnesses. Individuals already suffering from aspects of physical and social barriers might be experiencing the symptoms of their injury or illness more intensely during lockdown. The good news is that evidence shows that mindfulness therapy helps improve symptoms of brain injury and neurological illness. The Effects of Mindfulness Therapy on Brain Injury   Brain Injury Canada states that 452 Canadians suffer a serious [...]

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Simple Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Home Office

With the outbreak of this global pandemic, many people were abruptly forced to work from home full-time. The lucky ones already had an ergonomic home office setup or were assisted by workplace programs. But a large part of this population is still hunching over their laptops while sitting on uncomfortable dining room chairs, sitting up in bed or slouching on couches trying to work. Sitting in these postures for eight hours a day can have negative effects on your body leading to pain and dysfunction. Creating a work space in your home doesn’t have to be costly or stressful. [...]

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How to Work From Home Pain-Free

The new reality of social distancing is that many of us have to work from home. While some of us may be thriving in this new norm, many of us are feeling negative effects on both our physical and mental health. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer in silence. Learn how to work from home pain-free by taking charge of your health with these steps. Whether working in an office setting, a health care clinic, a classroom or another work environment prior to Covid-19, working from home has drastically changed how we work, our daily [...]

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