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Kathy is a registered physiotherapist and mindfulness trainer at Propel Physiotherapy. She incorporates mindfulness based practice and teachings into her work, which gives her a powerful tool to help improve the likelihood of positive outcomes for clients with stroke, spinal cord injury and brain injury.

Tele-Rehabilitation Services & Emergency Care Needs

These are unprecedented and challenging times for people all over the world.  It is particularly stressful for those vulnerable in our society including the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions.  The COVID-19 virus has challenged all aspects of our health care system including hospitals, rehab settings and private clinics. At Propel Physiotherapy we have decided to close the clinic effectively Wednesday March 18 to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and community.  Staff will continue to answer phone calls and to help answer all your questions and needs.  Remember that we are available by e-mail, Instagram, and [...]

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Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Diffuse axonal brain injury is one way to classify types of brain injuries according to the mechanism of the injury or the severity and type of trauma occurring in the brain; the other being focal brain injury. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs as a result of an external force causing injury to the brain with focal injuries occurring in a specific location and diffuse occurring over a wider area in the brain. TBI is a broad term that describes a vast spectrum of injuries that occur in the brain The impact of brain injuries is widespread. The advocacy association [...]

Can Mindfulness Improve Heart Health?

When it comes to mindfulness, we most often hear how mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. What is sometimes overlooked is whether mindfulness can improve heart health. In fact, mindfulness has physiological effects on the entire body. Numerous studies over the past decade have found that meditation can improve a variety of factors linked with heart disease, making it an important part of heart health. Mindfulness techniques (including meditation) are being integrated more and more into cardiac rehab programs, while family physicians are increasingly prescribing mindfulness to their clients. Meditation & Heart Function Meditation practices [...]

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Benefits of Regular Exercise

With the start of the new year comes resolutions to exercise more and have a healthier lifestyle. Although many of us know that exercise is an important part of our daily lives, we may not truly understand the benefits of regular exercise and what it can do for us. It’s important to remember that our bodies were made to move. Humans evolved from nomadic tribes who spent most days travelling long distances by foot in search of food and shelter. Our bodies were designed for regular activity. Over time, humans have become more and more sedentary leading to a [...]

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