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About Kyle Whaley

Kyle Whaley is a registered physiotherapist and the founder of Propel Physiotherapy. He is a graduate of the Queen’s University Physical and Health Education Program and the University of Toronto’s Physical Therapy program. He has a range of post-graduate treatment skills that include Bobath concept, manual therapy, acupuncture, chronic pain, vestibular disorders, and wheelchair seating and mobility.

Helping Foreign Physiotherapists Succeed in Canada

Program Helps Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Bring Valuable Skills to Our Health System As a physiotherapist who has had the opportunity to work in my field overseas, in Australia and New Zealand, and as a volunteer in South East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific, I appreciate the benefits of allowing foreign trained PT’s to practice their craft here in Canada. The breadth of knowledge, complimentary skills and language abilities that overseas trained physiotherapists bring to the country is invaluable, especially considering the diversity of our client population here in Canada. The Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) program is [...]

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How vertigo can throw your whole world for a loop

The awful feeling of motion when you’re perfectly still – vertigo. Not to be confused with dizziness (the feeling of being lightheaded, woozy, or unbalanced). Vertigo can happen for a number of reasons in a number of different situations – at sea, in bed, an adverse reaction to medication, too much to drink. People often feel nauseous, off-balance and describe involuntary eye movements. Most episodes of vertigo occur spontaneously and can be triggered by something as benign as rolling over in bed (a very common description by clients). What causes vertigo? We are going to address one specific cause [...]

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November is Client Appreciation Month at Propel Physiotherapy

November is Client Appreciation Month at Propel Physiotherapy Twenty-sixteen has been a very exciting year for us. At the beginning of the year, we rebranded our business and started on a new journey as Propel Physiotherapy. More recently, we moved our clinic to a new location with more space allowing us to offer new and improved services that further enhance our treatment programs. Wonderful clients, like you, have helped to contribute to the success of Propel Physiotherapy, and to show our appreciation, we are dedicating the month of November to you. We will be offering some complimentary services and [...]

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How to Recognize Concussion Symptoms

Concussion is a hot topic getting a lot of media attention lately. Professional athletes have brought the topic of concussion to front page headlines, despite having been a common occurrence for many years. I can remember at least parts of my first concussion experience. Growing up in Kingston, Ontario, a proverbial hotbed of hockey, skating came shortly after walking as a developmental milestone in seemingly every child’s early years. My dad used to take me to public skating at a local rink where I would race around without a helmet, my blond hair flowing in the cold breeze, imagining [...]

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