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Registered Physiotherapist

Sahash Marasini strongly believes that physical therapy can add life to years, not just years to life. He has a passion for helping people and a get sense of satisfaction when his clients acknowledge improvements they’ve made as a result of the treatment. He believes that every injury and dysfunction is unique and every patient responds differently to treatment. This is why he is passionate about providing holistic approach to achieve the best possible outcomes.
His clinical practice involves combination of manual therapy, muscle/motor control retraining and specific exercise prescription and modalities. He has a special interest in treating clients suffering from whiplash and other injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. With a strong clinical background in neurological conditions, he enjoys working with high functioning clients dealing with deficits from stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.
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Education & Training

Sahash obtained Bachelor of Physiotherapy from HNB Garhwal University, India in 2010 and a Master of Physiotherapy from CCS University, India in 2014. He had the opportunity to acquire experience in different areas of physiotherapy during his clinical internships in renowned hospitals in orthopedic settings, neuro units, ICUs and multispecialty wards. He continued to develop skills by completing continuing education courses ranging manual techniques, advanced taping techniques, Bobath, neuro development therapy and sensory integration.
Immediately after graduation, Sahash established his own clinic in Nepal. There he acquired experience treating a broad spectrum of conditions and injuries including sport injuries, repetitive sprain/strain, arthritis, post-operative rehabilitation and chronic pain. He later started working in hospital expanding his experience in orthopedics, sport injuries as well as treating a variety of neurological conditions. He also provided community-based services.
Sahash became a registered physiotherapist in Canada in January 2018. Since then, he has been working in a private orthopedic and sports related injuries settings including WSIB and motor vehicle accidents injuries.

Passions & Pursuits

Sahash Marasini believes that outside of work a person should always try to do things that makes them happy. He enjoys playing guitar, singing songs and listening to music because it refreshes his mind and soul.
On weekends, he likes to spend quality time with his family and enjoying new fatherhood with his 5-month old son. He likes going on long walks, playing sports like basketball, cricket and table tennis in his spare time. He also starts each day on a fresh note with some exercises.
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“I had a traumatic brain injury and my progress has been outstanding thanks to the knowledge and encouragement of the staff in the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, you can really tell they take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend this location because they produce results!”

– Michael 

“Came to Propel after dealing with a mid back issue for months. From the facilities to treatment, the whole experience was top notch. Hoong’s assessment was thorough and the treatment got me feeling better quickly. He also gave me some exercises to work on which have continued to help. Would definitely recommend!”

– Carlos

“I was injured severely 4 years ago. I have needed an abundance of physiotherapy as well as massage therapy. This clinic has given me by far the greatest and most successful care and rehabilitation to get back to my life. The staff are extremely knowledgeable in their field and not only treat you as a client but as a friend or family member.”

– Vanessa