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Office Manager

Derek Girard manages the day-to-day operational needs of Propel Physiotherapy, while also providing support to the owner and the clinic’s team of physiotherapists, kinesiologists and registered massage therapists.
He has worked in administrative roles for most of his career; starting in the corporate sector. It wasn’t until he got into healthcare that Derek discovered a passion for being the link between people living with a wide variety of health-related issues and the people who work to make them well or maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.
Derek takes pride in providing an exceptional client experience, and is known for his genuine desire to be there to greet the client, answer their questions, help allay their concerns, and find care providers to meet their needs by collaborating with care team members.
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Passions & Pursuits

Derek enjoys putting his skills in health care administration to use in a place where clients are more than just numbers or charts. His passion is to bridge teams, build collaborative relationships, share knowledge and experience to ensure there is a support structure that optimizes opportunities for success.
He has a Certificate in Support Work from George Brown College, where he was the recipient of the Dean’s Medal for Community Services based on his practicum experience performance, as well as assisting other students who were struggling with topics or concepts.
His personal passion is the outdoors, being active and exploring the great Canadian wilderness. When he is not at work, you’ll find him in his kayak, paddling across a glass smooth lake or along a still river. Taking in the beauty of his surroundings gives him a chance to step out of the race, pause and reflect about where he has been and where he wants the journey to take him, as well as give thanks for the many blessings in his life.


Propel Physiotherapy’s integrated healthcare team shares insights and tips on the most current evidence-based therapies, exercises, activities and health products, as well as the latest news on what we are doing in the clinic and community.

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