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Pain Care Yoga Workshop

Professional Pain Care Yoga Training with Neil Pearson, PT, MSc, BA-BPHE, ERYT500, C-IAYT This professional pain care yoga training course for physiotherapists and movement professions provides in-depth integration of pain science, innovative pain self-management techniques, yoga philosophy and yoga practices. Participants will gain a solid foundational knowledge of pain, people in pain and pain care to support people in pain and those serving them. You’ll learn more about: Pain anatomy, biology, physiology and psychology How suffering impacts every aspect of our existence How every aspect of our existence can be used to influence pain And, how to use ‘moving with [...]

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The Benefits of Group Exercise

Strength in Numbers Why do so many people avoid regular exercise when the benefits are so hard to ignore? Whether it’s improving your mood, controlling your weight, preventing disease, recovering from injury, or increasing your energy, exercise is just plain good for you. However, many people lack the motivation to be consistent with workouts over time; others find it difficult to build it into their busy schedule; and some just find it too boring. In order to be successful with any lifestyle change or rehabilitation program, it is important to remove potential barriers; and a great way to overcome these [...]

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