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Workplace Wellness Programs Increase Productivity

Workplace wellness programs are becoming increasingly important in Canada, where the population is aging and the number of people with disabilities, chronic conditions, and work-related health issues is growing. With many of us spending up to two-thirds of our day at our jobs, it can be a challenge for many to find time in our busy lives to take care of ourselves in a way that maintains our health and prevents health problems before they occur. That is why Propel Physiotherapy offers workplace wellness programs for companies that want to encourage their employees to maintain optimal health and implement [...]

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Universal Design For All People: Beyond Mobility

When people think of the word ‘accessibility’ as it relates to the physical environment, most would tend to think of things in terms of what it means for wheelchair users. For example, stairs outside or inside a public establishment are a barrier to wheelchair users, a shortage of elevators cause barriers for wheelchair users, and inaccessible transit and non-kneeling buses are barriers to wheelchair users. But issues of accessibility do not just affect those of us in wheelchairs—it extends to anyone with any type of impairment, mobility or otherwise and beyond. What about the elderly woman in a walker? The [...]

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