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Problems with balance and gait can stop you from moving through life with confidence. You may have trouble walking, feel unsteady or be unable to do the activities that bring enjoyment to your life.
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PoNS Treatment is only offered at Authorized PoNS TreatmentClinics like Propel Physiotherapy.  These clinics are selected based on their experience treating neurologic symptoms such as balance and gait deficits.  A Certified PoNS Trainer works with each patient according to their own specific needs and deficits during PoNS Treatment.

PoNS Treatment is not currently covered by government insurance programs. PoNS Treatment may be covered by personal insurance depending on individual plans.  Contact a clinic to ask about PoNS Patient Assurance and the new pricing and payment options now available.

The PoNS device delivers electrical stimulation directly to the surface of the tongue. Precautions for use are similar to those for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Electrical stimulation SHOULD NOT be used: if there is an active or suspected malignant tumor, in areas of recent bleeding or open wounds, or in areas that lack normal sensation. PoNS has not been tested on, and thus should not be used, by individuals under the age of 18 or who are pregnant. PoNS should not be used in patients sensitive to nickel, gold, or copper.

Use with caution

Electrical stimulation should only be used after seeking professional medical advice, and with caution in patients with any of the following:

  • Implanted electronic devices, including cardiac pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, deep brain stimulators, vagal nerve stimulators, sacral nerve stimulators, and cochlear implants
  • Metal in the mouth (e.g. piercings, braces, retainers, or other orthodontic appliance)
  • Seizure disorders
  • Epilepsy



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