November is Client Appreciation Month at Propel Physiotherapy

//November is Client Appreciation Month at Propel Physiotherapy

November is Client Appreciation Month at Propel Physiotherapy

November is Client Appreciation Month at Propel Physiotherapy

Twenty-sixteen has been a very exciting year for us. At the beginning of the year, we rebranded our business and started on a new journey as Propel Physiotherapy. More recently, we moved our clinic to a new location with more space allowing us to offer new and improved services that further enhance our treatment programs.

Wonderful clients, like you, have helped to contribute to the success of Propel Physiotherapy, and to show our appreciation, we are dedicating the month of November to you. We will be offering some complimentary services and seminars each week, holding Facebook contests for random draws for prizes, including some cool Propel swag, and providing light snacks and refreshments in the clinic throughout the month.

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Client Appreciation Month Activities

Complimentary Mindfulness Session with Kathy Mileski
November 1, 2016 @ 12pm-1pm
Propel Physiotherapy boardroom

Mindfulness training is a practice that takes you from the usual mode of automatic pilot and brings you into greater awareness of the present state. It involves paying attention in a specific way to help you see clearly what is happening in your life. It allows us to be more fully present in all areas of our lives. The session is geared towards beginners and will serve as an introduction to mindfulness and the benefits of practice. The group will participate in a meditation practice and learn about mindfulness resources.

Find out more about our mindfulness training services.

Complimentary Orthotics Clinic + Gait scan with Hoong Phang & David Friesen
Tuesday, November 8 @ 12pm – 2pm
Propel Physiotherapy boardroom

Learn about the use of orthotics and have your gait assessment on our 2-D Gait Scan. The Gait Scan shows deviations in walking and standing foot posture, and any areas of the client’s feet that have increased pressure in standing and walking. We will provide you with a print-out summary after the assessment, and a hand-out about how to get orthotics, if indicated.

Find out more about our custom orthotics services.

Complimentary Posture Assessment with Hoong Phang & David Friesen
Tuesday, November 8 @ 12pm – 2pm
Propel Physiotherapy boardroom

Have your posture assessed both sitting and standing, including positioning of head, back, legs, feet, etc. We will identify issues that could potentially cause future injuries and pain, and suggest exercises and postural adjustments that will correct any alignment issues.

Find out more about our physiotherapy services.

Complimentary 5-minute Chair Massage with Aras Petrauskas & Brian Thompson
Tuesday, November 8 @ 3pm-4pm (Aras)
Wednesday, November 16 @ 1pm- 2pm (Brian)

Enjoy a quick and effective massage performed over clothes on a specially designed chair. The massage will focus on your upper body and relieving stress and tension in this area.

Find out more about our massage therapy services.

Complimentary 60-minute Falls Prevention Group Sessions with Shriya Maharaj
Tuesday, November 22 @12pm -1pm & Thursday, November 24, 2016 @ 10am-11am
Propel Physiotherapy clinic

Balance is one of the core components of fitness. It is a combination of posture, strength and flexibility that allows us to stand up right and move in our daily lives. Chronic conditions, injury and the normal aging process can cause balance impairments, increasing the chance of falls at home and in the community. Learn how to prevent falls and strengthen your balance. This class is for all mobility and fitness levels and will comprise of a balance assessment, education on falls prevention and exercises to help improve and maintain your balance. Come train your balance for better movement.

Complimentary Accessible Yoga Class with Jennifer Neirinckx
Thursday, November 24, 2016 @ 1:30pm – 2:30 pm
Propel Physiotherapy boardroom

Enjoy a free yoga session, adapted and made accessible to clients with various pathologies by Jennifer Neirinckx, one of our registered physiotherapists and certified yoga instructor. Jennifer expertly weaves her physiotherapy knowledge into her yoga sessions to help develop the best tailored and safe yoga practice for your needs and goals, whether you have reduced mobility or balance, neurological or physical injury or a chronic condition.

Find out more about our regular yoga therapy classes.

Client Appreciation Month Giveaways

Like us on Facebook and find out about weekly draws for prizes and more!

We hope to see you in the clinic and on Facebook during Client Appreciation Month.

Propel Physiotherapy is the leading treatment centre for catastrophic neurological injuries and complex orthopedic injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, and sports injuries in the Greater Toronto Area.

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