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Etobicoke Fitness Bootcamps by Kinesiologist Sabrina La Rosa

Fitness bootcamps at Propel Physiotherapy Etobicoke are led by kinesiologist and certified personal trainer Sabrina La Rosa. Sabrina incorporates full-body exercises, adapted for people of all levels of fitness into her sessions. Participants work on improving cardiovascular and musculoskeletal fitness in a variety of movements, all while listening to some good music. Her  classes also offer variability in the types of movements and exercises performed each session. This helps participants change their body compositions, achieve their goals, and feel accomplished after each class.

Group fitness bootcamps have risen in popularity over the past two decades; and for good reason. The benefits of group fitness bootcamps are numerous and the nature of the workouts might help eliminate several barriers you might face in starting and sticking to a regular routine of physical activity.

When working out in a group fitness class, participants feed off of each-others good vibes and hard effort, which can be motivating and allow you to push further, harder and faster. Making a few new friends with similar interests and goals is just an added bonus!

The classes are $30 per session when you drop-in, but with a commitment of five-sessions, it is $125 for the package (a $25 savings). Plus buy five, get 1 class free bonus – that’s six classes for $125, or less than $21 per session! The bonus session also applies to drop-ins as well, if you hang on to your card and attend five sessions as a drop-in, your sixth class will be free.

Fitness bootcamps with Sabrina are a healthy way to get your heart pumping!