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Physical Therapy for Babies’ Gross Motor Skills Development

I am often asked questions about developmental milestones by parents who are anxious or concerned about their baby’s development. The truth is that every child’s development is different and milestones might be reached within a wide range of what is considered normal. If you are curious or concerned about your baby’s development, our pediatric physiotherapist, Janna Marvyn, can perform a comprehensive assessment of your child’s gross motor function. The assessment will evaluate your baby’s posture, strength (sitting, standing), movement (rolling, crawling, cruising, etc), flexibility, balance, coordination and sensory processing. A summary of the assessment will be provided in a [...]

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Pediatric Physiotherapist’s Role

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Children with congenital conditions don’t compare themselves to their neurotypical peers, they just want to play as a group. Children with orthopaedic concerns don’t see their seating or mobility devices as a hindrance, they see them as a means to access the school library, or sit at their desk to write a test. Children with acquired conditions don’t perceive any losses or that they’re missing out, they simply adapt themselves to keep working towards their goal of becoming a superhero, breaking a world record, competing in the Olympics, or being the best older brother [...]

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